Flowfinity Professional Services

Flowfinity software is fully customizable and lets you configure your own enterprise mobile app functionality without programming. If you need assistance with app configuration, deployment, training or extensions to your Flowfinity solution, our Professional Services team offers a range of services.

Tailored sessions on how to configure your mobile applications within Flowfinity
Application Configuration
Form design
Workflow mapping
Email notifications
Role permissioning
Customer, parts and employee lookups
View configurations
Branding options
Customized Reporting and Analytics
Custom reports from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
PDF, Excel, CSV and more report output options
Single and multiple record reporting
Custom Code
Workflow extensions
Batch data integration with ERP, data warehouse, CRM
Web services
"Anytime I've had any questions about anything or sent anything to the support team at Flowfinity, the response has just been incredible. I feel they are really listening."
- Mike Pittinger, MSDGC Superintendent, City of Cincinnati
"The staff at Flowfinity have been massively responsive to every question we have. The support has been great, and the product has helped us transform our business."
- Kate Gordon, Business Application Support, Thornton & Partners