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Create Your Own Mobile Forms and Enterprise Apps

Build mobile solutions that will revolutionize your business with a flexible, programming-free software platform.


unlimited mobile forms Unlimited Apps

Create as many apps and forms as you need for data collection, dispatch, surveys, workflows and more.

offline mobile forms Works Offline

Capture data, look up past records, prefill data into forms, or access reference documents, all offline.

mobile forms cross-platform Choose Your Device

Build once, deploy anywhere. Flowfinity supports cross-platform use on popular smartphones and tablets.

enterprise app integration Flexible Integration

Flowfinity is SQL database-driven, so you can integrate your mobile solution with other backend systems.

enterprise apps programming-free No Coding

Stay agile. Our web-based app editor lets you create and update your own apps without any programming.

two-way mobile forms Two-Way Transactions

For real business processes, you need more than just data collection. We support two-way information access.


mobile forms survey Take Your Business Mobile

Collect, access and share critical business data on mobile devices.

Go beyond simple mobile form submission to create efficiencies across your entire business from the field to the office.

  • Audits
  • Inspections
  • Surveys
  • Work Orders
  • Approval Workflows
  • Reference Lists
  • Document Libraries



mobile form editor Replace Paper and Spreadsheets

Choose from over 30 mobile form field types in our web app editor.

Collect pictures, signatures, GPS, and more. Perform calculations on your device, online or offline. You can also pull up critical business information by using lookup fields for reference lists, roles, users, or any other data you need to access while you're away from the office.



Mobile Forms Customize Workflows

Define states and activities to manage the flow of information from start to finish.

Data collection is usually only one part of a business workflow. In Flowfinity you have the flexibility to create states, views, conditions, and actions for every step in your workflows, so you can avoid bottlenecks in your day-to-day operations.



Mobile Forms Role BasedRedefine Teamwork

Create a role-based user experience.

From managers to field personnel, not everyone needs access to the same information. Boost the efficiency of communication and transactions by controlling which data, views, apps, and activities are available to different people in your organization.

Mobile Forms with ValidationImprove Data Quality

Ensure the right data is gathered at the right time, every time.

Accurate information is priceless. Create custom rules and workflow validation to help your users follow the right processes and collect the right information. Set up mandatory fields to prevent missing data.


Transform your business with enterprise mobile apps.