What's New

At Flowfinity we are always enhancing our software to give you the most powerful tools for improving your business with enterprise mobile apps. Our latest product release is Flowfinity Actions 9.1, featuring audio recordings, nested field enhancements, improved layout editing, new menu shortcuts, and more.

Audio recording in mobile apps

Audio Recording

Use audio memos for enhanced documentation and evidence in the field. Audio recordings are embedded directly into mobile forms, and you can record audio while you're filling in the form. Play back recordings, including ones made on different devices.

mobile form layout editor

New Layout Editor

The layout editor has been completely redesigned for better flexibility and manageability. You can now map out the pages and fields you want displayed in each layout, as soon as they're created.

nested fields

Nested Field Enhancements

Selecting viewing options for multi-level data just got easier. We've combined our nested field presentations into a single drop-down menu, so you can quickly decide how to organize your data whether it's in a grid, list, or form.

mobile form comments

Improved Formatting for Static Comments

You can now give better direction to users filling out forms in the field. Use rich colors and text alignments to grab immediate attention, and prevent incorrect data inputs.

mobile form save as draft

New Menu Shortcuts

Save your work even faster. We've introduced 'Save as Draft' as a menu shortcut so you can quickly and regularly backup your data. Save and resume your form at a later time, or periodically save when performing data-intensive tasks.

mobile form column totals in views

Column Totals in Views

Create tabular reports. Automatically calculate column totals in Views on the web or mobile devices.

color-coded fields in mobile forms

Color-coded Fields

Use colors to quickly scan your data. Set up conditional business rules for color-coding your records to flag status or any issues that require attention. Available for individual fields, records, and nested list/grid fields.

mobile form photo annotation

Photo Annotation

Use our advanced photo annotation editor to add text, shapes, and sketches in different colors and styles. You can also force a date/time stamp to be added automatically to any photo taken in the field.

formula editing in mobile forms

Advanced Formula Editor

Write custom formulas even faster. We've enhanced our formula editor with auto complete, so that you can quickly scan through a list of existing fields and formulas available. Set up numeric calculations, custom logic, string calculations, and more.